Xspot ProductsTM

What is Xspot Products?
Xspot Products is a Wire Location System that allows wires to be buried behind the surface of a wall, floor or ceiling.  The Xspot device is later retrieved in less than 2 minutes accurate to ¼ inch through an inch of wood and is Re-usable.
How does Xspot work?
Xspot uses extra-strength magnets in both the Xspot device and the XLocators.  Xspots devices have prongs that snap-in and securely hold the wires to your exact location.  The XLocator tools use reverse polarity to confirm the location and magnetic fields to give you the location accurate to ¼ inch every time.  Xspot requires no special skills or experience.  View in action

What are the Applications?

Xspots can be used for almost any type of wire, residential or commercial including Speakers, Keypads, Security, Motions, IR, Cameras, Touch screens, HVAC, Thermostats, Recessed lighting & Electrical.  Use Xspots with or without wire giving you the option to bury a conduit location for alternate locations for a high definition Flatpanel TV or future camera locations.
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Contractor Advantage

Controls the sale:

wires remain hidden from competitors, no more face plates leaving a road map for the competition.

Quality Control:

eliminates sheet-rockers from cuting holes giving you the ability to precisely align with other products and cut your own neat hole.

Reduces labor time:

wires are located in less than 2 minutes accurate to ¼ inch through an inch of wood

Reduces trips to the job:

no need to roll the truck just to mount a blank face plate, return to the job when the job-site is clean and secure.

Re-use & Re-sell:

buy it once and re-use and re-sell the Xspot over and over

Builder Advantage

Controls the Budget:

Provides builders with a robust infrastructure without committing to the expense of the electronics thus reducing their budget while giving home owners the option to select their own equipment budget. 

Xspot maintains the builder’s aesthetic value of the home by eliminating blank face-plates. 

Reduces Labor:
Sheet-rockers complete their work faster no-longer needing to cut holes.

Avoids Problems:
Reduces the chance of sheet-rock repair and touch-up painting due to incorrectly placed or buried wires saving the builder from unnecessary job costs and delays.

Home Owner Advantage

Increased options:

Homeowners can wire for alternate device locations with buried conduit as well as have the ability to change equipment.

Budget options:

Give homeowners the option to wire for what the system they ultimately want and the time they need to build it into their budget.

Improved Aesthetics:

Homeowners no-longer need to stare at blank face plates in the middle of their walls and ceilings.

Xspot Products is now being offered direct to contractors so that we may better assist you with how to sell the product to your home owners, builders and commercial clients.  Select this link to request more information

Start with the Xpack

The Xpack provide you with a good assortment of the Xspots, the mounting options, and the locator tool set.  Then replenish with what you need and remember, the Xspots are re-usable.

Support Materials

Xspot Demo-wall and wheeled case –

Show your customer how the Xspot system keeps their wires out of sight until the project is ready

Visio & CAD shapes

Xspot shapes can be imported into your drawing programs to identify the specific locations and are available as a free download.

Construction labels to place over the Xspot
      Emphasize to Sheet-rockers to cover the Xspot.

Free download to an Avery template

Post Construction labels informs home owner
      Homeowners easily reference your contact to trim 
      out their system.  Free download to Avery template.